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Wood - the raw material of the future

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10 Jahre ShareWood - englisch

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Ten years of the ShareWood Group. Ten years of investment in trees. Ten years of harmony between sustainability, ecology, and profitability. An idea became reality. More than 2,200 satisfied customers are sharing their own unique language — The investments in ShareWood trees pay off. The company is able to regularly pay out verifiable six to nine percent returns. The trees we plant consume CO2 and counteract the greenhouse effect. Jobs are created in Brazil where the trees are located. And the land can be planted again and again indefinitely – which ensures sustainability and closes the circle. ShareWood has been in the market for ten years and has many goals for the future. This book gives you a picture of our past and our future. Learn how the ShareWood model functions and how you, too, can profit from it. Help turn ShareWood CEO Peter Möckli’s vision into reality and you too will join the owners of the trees. For the environment and for your capital.

Hardcover (gebundener Einband)
21,0 x 29,7 cm
Fachbuch - Investment